Linked Logistics’ Systems
Customised systems allowing efficient service.

Communications on emails, Skype, and phone making all of our staff readily accessible.

Email reporting enables clients to be updated directly from our operating system without any further manipulation of data.

The tracking allows our clients to see where delays are occurring instantly so that the system can be adjusted if necessary.

We use a strict loading authority method with cargo which assists in minimizing the delay in cargo receipt/delivery.

We have backup Generators that enable us to continue to operate during power outrages.

As mentioned in our mission statement, we ensure that our computer and communications hardware and software are updated in order to take advantage of the latest practical applications in the market.
Pre-clearing for transporters
Linked Logistics
Our aim is to achieve quicker turn-around times for transporters, and quicker delivery times for clients.

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Your clearing and cross-border solution
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