Our Pre-clearing system:-

Regional Link and Professional Clearing have an effective pre-clearing service aimed for Transporters based in South Africa. This system ensures that the trucks pass through the border post in the shortest possible time.

Pre-clearing simplifies the systems needed by the transporter  and reduces the requirement for documentation and infrastructure at the various border posts

Eliminates duplicating document sets for Zimbabwe consumption entries and Removal in Transit entries.

We are able to consolidate our Freight, SA and ZIM clearing charges onto a single invoice to you. This includes RIT entries.

Produces quicker transit times at Beitbridge when we are used both sides of the border.
We provide a runner and cash disbursement service
Main Aim:
To achieve a quicker turn-around times for transporters and delivery times for clients.
Pre-clearing for transporters
Linked Logistics
Our aim is to achieve quicker turn-around times for transporters, and quicker delivery times for clients.

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