The Linked Logistics group caters for all your export and import needs cross border between South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. The group focuses on making the export and import process  more manageable and more efficient for all parties involved
Professional Clearing and Forwarding
Regional Link
Regional Link has been in operation since 1999 and is devoted to the movement of cargo from South Africa to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana by Road including the customs clearing and specialized Tracking services

Regional Link in association with Apcon Freight is focused on the movement of consolidated cargo from South Africa to Zimbabwe by road. A full load quotation will be provided upon on request for 8T loads up to 32T loads.

Regional Link offers a Door to Door service and includes all documentation and customs clearing facilities. Our transporter - Apcon Freight -  is a specialist in cross border consolidations and also in distribution at destination.

Professional Clearing has been in operation since 1991, operating out of offices in Beitbridge and Bulawayo with representation in Harare, Nyamapande, Chirundu and Forbes.
Offers full customs clearing services in  Zimbabwe
Pre-clearing for transporters
Linked Logistics
Our aim is to achieve quicker turn-around times for transporters, and quicker delivery times for clients.

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Your clearing and cross-border solution
Providing you with a personalized and professional clearing
and logistics service.